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3rd AFI Symposium

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The 3rd AFI symposium meeting in Innsbruck will take place this coming October 16 (in the Claudiana, old town). This year's theme is "Fundamental Physics Questions" covering exciting developments in cosmology, particles, quantum, computational physics and climate science.

The programme and information details are at

The speakers have been asked to talk to a mixed colloquium level audience. Interested people, especially students, are most welcome to apply.

For practical organisation reasons we ask interested people to please sign up before October 8 as the total number of participants is limited.

Hinweis der STV: Es gibt eine Teilnahmegebühr von 30 Euro, die das Dinner und die Kaffeepausen bereits beinhaltet. Studenten, die dabei eine finanzielle Unterstützung dringen bräuchten, können das bei der Anmeldung bei This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ewähnen und er wird schauen was sich machen lässt.

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